'No one is evil in sports anime'

Did u guys know Haizaki Shōgo?
Hanamiya is my pretty little flower.

Kuroko no Basket (Unofficial) Pairing Popularity


General (based off of AO3, FFn, Pixiv)

  1. AoKise
  2. KagaKuro
  3. MidoTaka
  4. AoKaga
  5. KiseKuro
  6. AkaKuro
  7. AoKuro
  8. KiseKasa
  9. AkaFuri
  10. MuraHimu & AoMomo


  1. AoKise [598]
  2. AoKaga & KagaKuro [568]
  3. MidoTaka [539]
  4. AoKuro [451]
  5. KiseKuro [282]
  6. AkaKuro [254]
  7. KiseKasa [239]
  8. MuraHimu [173]
  9. AoMomo…
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KnB Pairings


Kagami & Kuroko

Aomine & Kise

Midorima & Takao

Murasakibara & Himuro

Akashi & Furihata

Aomine & Momoi

Hyuuga & Riko

Mitobe & Shinji

Kiyoshi & Riko

Aomine & Kuroko

Kise & Kuroko

Kagami & Himuro

Aomine & Kagami

Kuroko & Momoi

Akashi & Kuroko

Kise & Kasamatsu

Haizaki & Nijimura

Imayoshi & Hanamiya

Hyuuga & Kiyoshi

Kuroko & Takao

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Pixiv Id 4075119

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Hanamiya. Curls. Up. Into. A. Ball. When. He. Sleeps. And. That. Is. Final

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Hanamiya is a douche

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                       tale           bittersweet                   my
   He  wonder  a    of      so    so      that   stains  grace   lips
      I  spins    how   love  got      lonely  it      a             so
                             you                         with                       poisonous    

H I M U H A N A    F A N M I X

i. Sarcasm [Get Scared] —you could be the corpse and I could be the killer // if I could be the devil, you could be the sinner // you could be the drugs and I could be the dealer // everything you say is like music to my ears

ii. Power and Control [Marina & the Diamonds] —think you’re funny, think you’re smart // think you’re gonna break my heart // think you’re funny, think you’re smart // yeah, you may be good looking // but you’re not a piece of art.

iii. Under Your Skin [Aesthetic Perfection] —without thinking i take what i want // my claws creeping down where it’s warm // if i’m dreaming, is this wrong? // i just can’t wait to get under your skin // i’m not sure what this could be // something’s broke inside of me // tucked down away and out of sight // the afterhours bring it to life 

iv. Loverboy [You Me At Six] —hell had you by the throat. // you never got to heaven but you got real close. // your past has you in a choke hold // but you deserve it from what I’ve been told // call my bluff, say, “What do you want?” // i’m looking down at you from the top // i beg for attention in small doses // leave the scene smelling of dead roses.

v. I’m Not Your Toy [La Roux]it’s all false love and affection // you don’t like me you just want the attention // i’m not your toy // this isn’t another girl meets boy

vi. Toxic [A Static Lullaby]—baby, can’t you see? // i’m calling // a guy like you should wear a warning // it’s dangerous, i’m falling // there’s no escape, i can’t wait // i need a hit, baby, give me it // you’re dangerous, i’m loving it // too high, can’t come down // losing my head // spinning ‘round and ‘round // do you feel me now?

vii. Flesh [Simon Curtis] —we can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun // don’t even try to hold it back // just let go // tie me up and take me over till you’re done // till I’m done // you’ve got me fiendin’ and I’m ready to blow

viii. Can You Feel My Heart [Bring Me The Horizon] —i’m scared to get close and i hate being alone // long for that feeling to not feel at all // the higher i get, the lower i’ll sink // i can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim

ix. Demons [Sam Tsui & Max Cover] they say it’s what you make // i say it’s up to fate // it’s woven in my soul // i need to let you go // your eyes, they shine so bright// i wanna save that light // i can’t escape this now // unless you show me how

x. Rolling Girl [Jubyponic] —one more time, one more time // ”Please just lemme roll for another day” that’s what she said, what she said // Don’t you know the meanings are hidden under cover? // ”One more time? Stop it’s fine.” // ”Aren’t you getting tired of doing this?” // ”I’ll stop your breath from rolling out… for now.”

xi. Where Did I Go Wrong? [Heartist] —i used to leave you weak laying next to me, falling into your deception // cuz you played your games like you had nothing to lose // oh boy, won’t you tell me something? // did my thoughts and my words mean nothing? // cuz the one thing that’s left to face is the selfish way you walked away // we tried to make our lives along the way, but the bitter taste of love is all we made.

xii. Stay [Our Last Night] —ohhh the reason i hold on // ohhh cause i need this hole gone // funny you’re the broken one but i’m the only one who needed saving // ’cause when you never see the lights it’s hard to know which one of us is caving

xiii. Ever After [Marianas Trench] —i would make a better liar // and never face the music when it’s dire // and i breathe disaster, ever after // don’t pull away from me now // don’t you move // can’t you stay where you are, just for now // i could be your perfect disaster // you could my ever after

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Just in case you want the order:

1. Kagami

2. Kise

3. Midorima

4. Murasakibara

5. Aomine

6. Akashi

7. Kuroko

8. Takao

9. Teppei

10. Hyuuga

11. Hanamiya

12. Tatsuya

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Fusion Dance Imahana ||©ニノミヤ ナキ
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there’s nothing romantic nor affectionate in their encounters. just raw passion and violence and lust.

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"I wanna be the one for you
I think I'll be the one for you
To hold you and to cherish you
I'll promise to the heavens above" -Promise by Spazzkid
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I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }
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TS3 water appreciation 


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I was 100% sure this was going to be Hans


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