Blue Jeans (・∀・)


people always say L or lxlight for this one bc of ‘blue jeans, white shirt’ being a signature L thing, but i straight up hear it as a mattxmello song

just like the whole ‘boyfriend who left me to go do sketchy illegal stuff and who i’m waiting for’ rings really true with mello leaving wammy’s to go look for L/join the mob and leaving matt behind thing that shows up in most mxm headcanon

'i told you that no matter what you did i'd be by your side / cause imma ride or die / whether you fail or fly / well shit at least you tried'


oh thank you, i’m not alone

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*giggle like a teen* some sexy stuff did in the last months that I just decided to put together and clean a bit 

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Why do OTP’s hurt so much?

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……………i want matt to bite mello’s butt

me too please

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I have all these ships but MattxMello is my yacht. 


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What if…?


The Wammy’s house would always hold an Easter egg hunt; Near and Matt would give Mello the chocolate out of their eggs since they didn’t like it.

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Mail Jeevas is a twink

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Talk about Matt C:



oh my god so gladly

Talking about Matt [or Mello] without getting super emotional is super hard for me mostly because Matt is my greatest frustration….not Matt himself but his epic lack of backstory and panel time.

That being said I don’t believe that him being in only 12 panels diminishes his importance or quality as a chararacter and frankly the 10 minute/12 panels joke/argument got old about 7 years ago and was never valid to begin with. [quality over quantity, darlings]

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"Matt is very tolerant of annoying people."

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ImaHana Headcanon: imayoshi doesn't like waking up early, so Hanamiya takes that time to do the sweet things he would never do when Imayoshi is conscious. The actions he takes includes (but are not limited to) smoothing his hair, giving sweet, forehead kisses, and stroking his cheek lovingly. Imayoshi has woken up once, but doesn't have the heart to tease Hanamiya about it because he doesn't want it to stop.


This is so cute omg


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”And I would like to give, what I think you’re asking for, OH you handsome devil”

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